What Is The Secret of Affiliate Marketing?

How many gurus are there out there who want you to sign up with them? It is those people that charge you all your savings and then promise to show you how to have success. You have to pay money up front if you want to gain access to the inner circle and secrets to help you develop a system that will allow you to have duplication and success.

Why do these so called gurus hide the “secrets” they have and guard them so closely? To me and to so many others, these tactics are the key features of affiliate marketing scams online.

You gain more in the long run when you are willing to help others up front. It’s not about hiding something for only those “special” people. It is about helping everyone who wants to learn.

Avoid the Internet Marketing Guru Scamskey to success

Do you want to know exactly why people fall for the scams and avoid REAL training? The key phrase “Best Way to Get Rich Quick”.  No one wants to work for their money anymore.  Everyone is always looking for the fast way to success.  They wonder why they fail over and over, while actually losing their money, but yet these ‘Gurus’ are making the money because of that simple term.

It literally pisses me off to no end. Here is the key difference between people like myself and the so called ‘Gurus’ out there. They are all about the ‘greed’.

Learn To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – Without Being Scammed

Did you know that making money online in affiliate marketing is actually rather simple, as long as you have someone who is willing to take the time to show you exactly how?

I am serious, there are quite literally hundreds of people out there that know exactly how to market their affiliate programs. And there are some of us that are completely willing to show you how to do it for free.

no secretsSecret to Affiliate Marketing

I actually have a list here of some of the key items that I have in my training.


  1. To affiliate market properly, you have to realize, you are now a business. You are your own boss!!!
  2. You can make money marketing your passions. (This is your Niche)
  3. Being truthful and honest. Have you ever heard the term “you catch more flies with honey”? Honesty is the Honey, and the best way to keep the customers you have for years to come.
  4. You have to actually put work into your passion to get something out of it
  5. You need to have patience, success will NOT happen overnight, and anyone who tells you differently is a scammer.
  6. You need the proper training and support.
  7. You CAN make money in as little as 6 weeks.
  8. You do have a choice but you do need to have a website.
  9. There is a little bit of financial output in anything you do, but with understanding, to begin in affiliate marketing, the cost can be as little as only $10 a month.

How Do I Know?

I have been in affiliate marketing since 1999. I knew it was classroomsomething I could do, I just never knew how to ‘properly’ begin.  I was signed up to affiliate marketing programs, and yes I also am in MLM.  I love the fact that I get commissions every month.

What I didn’t realize is how to keep those same people in the program for good. Until I was taught how to teach others.  It isn’t about teaching how to ‘recruit’.  What you want is to learn how to be a sponsor.

Learn how to find the programs that you want to use and more importantly WHY you want to incorporate them into your business.

If you are really interested in learning how to really build your business in affiliate marketing, in an easy effective way, with little to NO cost. Go ahead and sign up to my courses in affiliate marketing.  You will find that right off to your right in the purple box.


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